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D: Wenn Sie Zugriff auf alle gelösten Mystery-Caches haben möchten, können Sie
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Too many ALC requests
Hello everyone,
Unfortunately, at the moment (especially in the German area) there is an extremely high number of requests for bonus caches for ALC. I think this has nothing to do with problems solving puzzles, but rather laziness!
Can't we ban the ALC here again? I know there was already a (closed) discussion about this, but the number of requests has increased enormously.

Best regards

P.S. If the discussion is unwanted, please simply delete this post.


NL: Waar moet een eerste bericht in een nieuwe discussie aan voldoen? / Na het plaatsen van de oplossing, mag het eindcoordinaat worden gegeven!
UK: What requirements should the first post in a new topic meet? / Placing a final coordinate is allowed after the solution is placed first!
D: Welche Kriterien muss eine erste Nachricht in einer neuen Diskussion erfüllen? Nach dem Platzieren der Lösung kann die endgültige Koordinate angegeben werden!

NL: Opgeloste of gearchiveerde caches kan je melden met de Rapporteren button. / Een foto kan worden toegevoegd met de Add image to post knop.
UK: You can report solved or archived caches with the Report button. / A photo can be added by using the Add image to post button.
D: Sie können gelöste oder archivierte Caches mit der Schaltfläche Bericht melden. / Mit der Schaltfläche Bild zum Beitrag hinzufügen kann ein Foto hinzugefügt werden.

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I agree, was never a fan to do so.
I know what you mean, but....

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I was also against it, and still am, but the majority wants it I'm afraid... I still think it's no real useful addition to the forum as anyone can go find the the mostly easy clues in the field. I also see that specific field questions (that you can't solve without really being there) also are discussed. And that is, in my opinion against forum rules.

Maybe time for an evaluation of some kind...
I had obviously noticed the amount of ALC´s over the past month(s) as well. They have been allowed since May last year and it took six months for the number to start increasing significantly. If you look at when those caches were placed, most of them have been there for several years. It could well be that we are now seeing a catch-up, which will then flatten out to the normal ratio that we see with newly registered mystery caches.
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